July 3, 2019

"Best place in Tucumcari if you're looking to have your truck fixed to be able to continue driving not to the next fix it spot in the next town these guys will get you past them and keep you going rightly"
May 28, 2019

all about me

"the truck service was amazing!!"
April 9, 2019

Owner operater

"Back in 2000 had an injector that kept going out took to Cumming and other shops and it kept going out . It went out on my way east on I40 . Went To John's they replaced it again but they found the problem nobody ever kook up the oil line to the injector . 5 time in the shops . But only John's could find it . Never had problem after that . And every time we went thought we got our truck service . "
February 26, 2019

"I'm an OO. My truck was running very rough. As I was driving through TUCUMCARI, NM I called John's Truck Repair. BTW I have A DD15. Steve got me in immediately without delay. Diagnosed my truck."
February 26, 2019

Outstanding People

"If you have found yourself at this shop, you're already blessed. We were traveling from Washington State to Springfield, Mo in a Budget moving truck. We broke down at their exit. We had no idea where this exit would go. Sure enough, it landed us at John's Truck Service. We were told Steve, the manager, was at a funeral but he'd help us when he returned. And he did. He called and got us a hotel. When it was realized the transmission was our truck's problem, Steve got on the phone with Budget to help to light a fire under their behinds. He let us leave our truck in their yard. We accidentally left the back open to our moving truck. Stanley drove to our hotel to tell us. We didn't get a new truck delivered for 24 hrs. The people towing our new truck, got lost. Stanley went to find them. We were on our way again after that. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful these people are!!! God blessed us w you guys!!! This shop deserves your business!! Thanks again Steve n Stanley, we will never forget your kindness!! "