October 13, 2022

"Had tractor and trailer towed in after tractor went into derate. Steve diagnosed faults and found tractor computer was significantly outdated and needed numerous software programs to be updated. Did that successfully and cleared out all fault codes but, tractor still wasn't at optimum performance. Found and replaced a sensor which fixed the performance issues and had me rolling next day, despite having numerous other jobs being worked at same time. This place is amazing! Everyone is polite and friendly and they all bend over backwards to make you feel like family, not just a customer. I would highly recommend John's Truck Service for any tractor, motorcoach or diesel repair you may need. Absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for everything yall did for me. God bless you all!"
October 10, 2022

"I was very pleased with there service. James did a very good job, very professional. He cared about about the rv. Steve helped find parts , if not would have had to have parts air lifted. they let us stay in rv in there lot ."
September 29, 2022

"Fantastic job! My family and I were traveling back to Texas in our motorhome and needed a check engine light cleared to prevent derating of the engine. Steve Burns, James, Ryan, and April all pitched in to evaluate the seriousness and clear this code so that we could travel safely home. No charge. Amazing folks and the kind of service you could find all over America at one time. Thanks to all!"
September 28, 2022

"Good people working here"
September 22, 2022